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HARLEM Kruiden Liqueur

HARLEM Kruiden Liqueur


By Robert Plotkin

For over three centuries the Nolet family of Schiedam, Holland has been distilling world-class spirits. They first entered the U.S. market in 1983 with incomparable Ketel One Vodka. Its purity and elegance forever changed our expectations about premium vodka. Then the launch of citrus-infused Ketel One Citroen in 2000 opened our eyes to how marvelous flavored vodka can be.

History is about to repeat itself—again. The distillery's latest release—HARLEM Kruiden Liqueur—will assuredly have the same profound impact on American nightlife. So grab the nearest shot glass, you're going to be amazed at how delicious a shot can be.

The Nolet family has been working to perfect the elixir for decades. They clearly succeeded. HARLEM is a blend comprised of fresh herbs, spices and a modicum of mandarin. It's balanced with surgical precision into a thoroughly satisfying, well-integrated taste sensation. The 80-proof liqueur is named in honor of the historic city of Haarlem located just outside of Amsterdam, birthplace of Carl Nolet Sr.'s mother. Kruiden is the Dutch word for herbs.

A quick sniff and sip is all that's needed to reveal why HARLEM is a cultural phenomenon in the making. The ultra-suave liqueur has a lightweight, velvety textured body and lavish bouquet of fresh citrus, sarsaparilla, mocha and classic earthy notes. The nose is complex, heady and thoroughly captivating—the best in the business by a long shot. On the palate the liqueur is soothing and singularly delicious with tantalizing mandarin notes on the extended finish.

HARLEM is a sure indication we are evolving as a species. Chilled or not, it's a rare and soul-satisfying pleasure to quaff by the shot. HARLEM is like humanitarian aid in a bottle; there's nothing remotely like it on the market.

The liqueur is also bound to be a boon to contemporary mixology. Its bitter herbal components are ideal at balancing the overly sweet, savory or acidic characteristics present in a wide range of cocktails.

HARLEM is a bonafide game-changer. Kudos!