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Hpnotiq Liqueur



By Robert Plotkin

HPNOTIQ is a classy, irresistible liqueur from France. This aquamarine hued gem is made from a blend of premium triple-distilled vodka, aged cognac and a proprietary mix of natural tropical fruit juices. Try as you might, you won’t be able to detect their individual identities.

Calling HPNOTIQ Liqueur simply a liqueur is almost a misnomer. While being as versatile as a liqueur, the product is more like a skillfully crafted cocktail in a cork-finished bottle. The cognac used in its production is a blend of brandies from the Petite Champagne, Fins Bois and Borderies regions.

The moment HPNOTIQ hits the glass you know you're in for a singular treat. The liqueur has an alluring turquoise blue color and a light, spirit-like body. Its prominent bouquet is laced with the aromas of ripe fruit and citrus. The mouth-filling palate is tart and loaded with nuance, an intriguing mix with a taste reminiscent of grapefruit, mandarin and a hint of brandy on the finish. No learning curve necessary here.

HPNOTIQ is a bonafide pleasure to work with behind the bar. It was obviously created for a cocktail glass and is outstanding served chilled straight up or on the rocks. It also plays well with others, mixing beautifully with most styles of rum, tequila, a slew of flavored vodkas and champagne. Mentioning that the liqueur tastes great with nearly all types of juice comes close to stating the obvious.