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Iceberg Chocolate Mint Vodka

Iceberg Chocolate
Mint Vodka


By Robert Plotkin

Whoever came up with the brilliant notion of adding the flavor of chocolate mint to world-class vodka deserves to be knighted. Such is the clearly stated treat awaiting you when you crack open a bottle of Iceberg Chocolate Mint Vodka. And don't be fooled by its transparency, this flavored masterpiece is genuinely fascinating.

At its foundation is award-winning Iceberg Vodka from St. John's, Canada, a triple-distilled spirit handcrafted from corn grown in southern Ontario. Here's the really fascinating part. The water used to make the vodka is harvested from icebergs traveling the currents of "Iceberg Alley" off the east coast of Newfoundland. The water from the icebergs is 12,000 years old and essentially free of microbial contaminants and atmospheric pollutants. Any residual impurities in the iceberg water are so infinitesimal they're measured in parts per quadrillion. In addition to its absolute purity, the water has a discernible texture and clean, crisp taste.

Do yourself a favor and taste this vodka neat. The perfectly clear spirit has a light, velvety textured body—a result of the pure iceberg-harvested water used as the vodka's foundation—and a wafting bouquet of dark chocolate, caramel, vanilla and fresh peppermint. Its aromatics are captivating and well worth the price of admission. The vodka's delectable, chocolate mint palate is skillfully balanced such that there's not a trace of unwanted sweetness.

Its dry, long lasting finish makes it perfect for use in artisanal cocktails. The vodka is a natural for use in signature Martinis and hot coffee drinks. In the hands of a skilled mixologist it has unlimited creative potential.

Oh Canada, thank you! Kudos!