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Iceberg Creme Brulee Vodka

Iceberg Créme Brûlée


By Robert Plotkin

It's not often that you get your dessert and drink it too. With recently released Iceberg Créme Brûlée Vodka you get the best of both worlds. The flavor package in this 70-proof vodka is focused and brilliant. It largely explains the vodka's popularity, but doesn't fully explain its claim to greatness.

The flavored vodka is made on a foundation of world-class Iceberg Vodka. Made in St. John's, Canada the vodka is triple-distilled from corn grown in southern Ontario and water harvested from icebergs traveling the currents off the east coast of Newfoundland, which is referred to as "Iceberg Alley." The water from the icebergs is 12,000 years old and essentially free of microbial contaminants and atmospheric pollutants. Any residual impurities in the water are so infinitesimal they're measured in parts per quadrillion. In addition to its purity, the water has a discernible texture and clean, crisp taste.

Iceberg Créme Brûlée Vodka is crystal clear with a lightweight, velvety textured body—a delightful mouthfeel directly attributable to the base of pure iceberg-harvested water. Its buttery bouquet is saturated with the irresistible aromas of vanilla, brown sugar and caramel. The gentle entry quickly expands bathing the palate with the skillfully balanced flavors of vanilla bean, cream and brown sugar, a spot-on recreation of the classic dessert—sans the sweetness and calorie content. The finish is soft, smooth and flavorful.

One doesn't need decades of drink making experience to be able to handcraft sensational cocktails with Iceberg Créme Brûlée Vodka. The new flavored spirit makes a marvelous twist on the Chocolate Martini and marries beautifully with coffee liqueurs, amaretto and Irish creams. Its reasonable cost only adds to its versatility.

Our compliments to the pastry chef! Cheers!