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Iceberg Cucumber Vodka

Iceberg Cucumber


By Robert Plotkin

The surging popularity of flavored vodkas is a direct result of the ongoing cocktail resurgence. Mixologists are constantly on the prowl for fresh new flavors with which to feature in their drinks. This bodes well for the future prospects of recently released Iceberg Cucumber Vodka. In addition to its obvious great taste, the vodka enjoys a most fascinating pedigree; a cachet of quality even vodkas selling at twice the price can't match.

At its foundation is award-winning Iceberg Vodka from St. John's, Canada. It's a triple-distilled spirit handcrafted from corn grown in southern Ontario and water harvested from icebergs traveling the currents off the east coast of Newfoundland, which is known as "Iceberg Alley." The water from the icebergs is 12,000 years old and essentially free of microbial contaminants and atmospheric pollutants. In addition to its absolute purity, the water has a discernible texture and clean, crisp taste.

Iceberg Cucumber Vodka has crystalline clarity and a velvety, lightweight body, no doubt the result of the pure iceberg-harvested water used as the vodka's foundation. Its generous nose is imbued with the straightforward aroma of garden fresh cucumbers. Even in a deep sleep you couldn't mistake its aromatic imprint. The vodka has a delicate vegetal, cucumber flavor that thankfully lingers on the palate for a remarkably long time.

Here's a vodka created with a chilled cocktail glass in mind. It's a flavored masterpiece ideally suited for contemporary drink making.