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Iceberg Vodka

Iceberg Vodka


By Robert Plotkin

The most significant variable in the pedigree of a vodka is where does its water come from. All things being equal, the better the water, the better the vodka. Water constitutes 60% of an 80-proof spirit, which makes it by far the principal ingredient. Those in the know would rather be told about a vodka's water source than where it's made. One is much more revealing than the other.

That brings the discussion over to Iceberg Vodka, which proudly celebrates the fact that its core ingredient comes from just about the most fascinating water source imaginable. Even more important than where it comes from is the 12,000-year-old glacial water is the essence of purity—free of microbial contaminants and atmospheric pollutants. Any residual impurities in the iceberg water are so infinitesimal they're measured in parts per quadrillion. In addition to its purity, the water has a discernible texture and clean, crisp taste.

The award-winning vodka is produced by the Canadian Iceberg Vodka Corporation located in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. It is triple-distilled from corn grown in southern Ontario and water harvested from icebergs traveling the currents off the east coast of Newfoundland, which is widely known as "Iceberg Alley." It's worth noting that the harvesting of icebergs is regulated and monitored by the government of Newfoundland.

Purity is rarely so sinfully pleasurable. The vodka has crystalline clarity, a velvety lightweight body and an enticing nose of semisweet, herbal aromas. Its body and subtle aromatics alone elevates it to world-class status. The soft, smooth entry quickly bathes the palate with the flavor of sweet corn, anise, tart lemon and vanilla ice cream. The finish is unusually long, dry and flavorful. For a purportedly neutral vodka, there certainly is a lot going on.

If you subscribe to the doctrine that only great vodkas produce great cocktails, then clearly Iceberg Vodka makes an inspired choice to feature in any vodka-based assignment. But before you start using the pristine spirit in a mixed drink or artisanal cocktail, do yourself a favor and sip a dram neat or slightly chilled. Few other vodkas can deliver a comparable experience.