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Imperia Vodka

Standard Vodka


By Robert Plotkin

When it comes to vodka, purity is an extremely difficult standard to achieve. The slightest imperfection drops it out of contention. Flaws, blemishes or production shortcuts are easily perceived and diminish the overall sensory experience. Arguably no one does pure better than the Russians and no brand better proves that point than IMPERIA Russian Vodka.

Created in St. Petersburg in 1894, IMPERIA Vodka is still produced using the same recipe. It is distilled 8 times from hand-selected winter wheat grown in the fertile black soil of the Russian Steppes and pristine glacial waters of Lake Lagoda. After distillation the vodka is filtered twice through charcoal and twice again through quartz crystals from the Ural Mountains.

Classified as a luxury brand in Russia, IMPERIA Vodka remains the country’s category leader. The vodka has a silky, lightweight body and wispy notes of grain. The vodka fills the mouth with a dry, tingling warmth that lingers before gradually fading away.

Appreciating IMPERIA, neutral in character and essentially devoid of impurities, is a pleasure not confined to aficionados or those with well-educated palates. To the contrary, the widespread popularity of vodka suggests that neutrality is extremely appealing. This bodes well for the classy super-premium brand. IMPERIA is the archetype of Russian vodka, a marvelous form of cultural exchange. It is an elegant tour de force, a spirit on a mission! Nazdaróvye!