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James River Plantation Sweet Tea

James River Plantation
Sweet Tea


By Robert Plotkin

Iced tea is strictly an American institution. It originated here after the Civil War and gained widespread popularity in the 1870s as a standard offering in hotels and railroad stations. Sweet tea was invented shortly after. It differs from regularly prepared iced tea in that sweetener is added to the hot water so a higher concentration goes into solution.

For many in this country, life doesn't get much better than a tall, icy cold glass of sweet tea. That is until some ingenious do-gooder thought to infuse it with vodka. Welcome to the 21st century and the prospect of better days with the introduction of James River Plantation Sweet Tea.

Produced in Wisconsin from a closely held family recipe, it's an all-natural product comprised of brewed black tea, sweetener and five-times distilled American vodka. The ingredients are blended by hand in small batches and bottled at 35% alcohol by volume (70 proof).

James River Plantation Sweet Tea is an innovative, genuinely delicious vodka. The spirit has the crystal clear look of brewed tea, a medium-weight, velvety textured body and a generous herbal bouquet with light citrus notes. It's warming, semisweet and quickly fills the mouth with the authentic flavor of homemade sweet tea. The long finish is dry, clean and features the prominent flavor of honey and spice.

James River Plantation enjoys more applications behind the bar than most flavored vodkas. It adds a splash of pizzazz to a wide range of cocktails, Collins and Sours and is splendid when mixed with lemonade or conventional iced tea.

Bolstered by its health benefits and our growing interest in wellness, sales of tea are expected to continue surging upwards. That portends good things for James River Plantation Sweet Tea Vodka. All of our futures should be so bright.