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Jewel of Russia Classic Vodka

Jewel of Russia
Classic Vodka


By Robert Plotkin

Italian shoes, Swiss watches and Russian vodkas are the epitome of style. No brand better exemplifies the qualities that make Russian vodka the gold standard is Jewel of Russia Classic Vodka. Those looking for a refined and sophisticated experience will most appreciate a slow dance with this luxurious spirit.

Super-premium Jewel of Russia is distilled at a state of the art distillery about 1000 miles from Moscow from a blend of premium rye, hardy winter wheat and deep-well artesian water. It's a recipe for greatness. The fermented mash of grains undergoes a multi-column distillation and only a small percentage of the distillation run is actually used in the finished product. After distillation, the vodka is subjected to a 7-step, slow-flow filtration process that removes even microscopic traces of congeners. The special filtration process is proprietary to the distillery. The finished vodka is bottled at 40% alcohol (80 proof).

The Jewel of Russia Classic Vodka is appropriately named. It has a pristine clarity, a velvety textured, medium-weight body and a subtle mineral, fruit and spice bouquet. Even at room temperature the spirit barely generates any heat on the palate. By mid-palate the vodka makes its presence known by completely filling the mouth with the crisp flavors of pepper, spicy rye, plums and melon with a hint of camphor. The vodka has tremendous presence on the palate and a warm, lingering and marvelously spicy finish.

As magnificent as The Classic version is the distillery has done it one better. The Jewel of Russia Ultra Vodka undergoes a fifth distillation and is also filtered through silver membrane screens to best ensure essential purity. The Ultra, which is also referred to as the "Black Label," is an elegant vodka with semisweet grainy aromas and dry, spicy and mineral-like flavors. The family resemblance between these two classy, museum quality spirits is immediately evident—picking a favorite is impossible.

From a visual perspective, the crown jewel of the range is undoubtedly The Jewel of Russia Ultra Vodka, Limited Edition. Only 20,000 of the beautiful, hand-painted bottles are produced per year.

Both the Jewel of Russia Classic and Ultra are produced from "Luxe" grade neutral grain spirits, which is the highest quality designation according to the Russian government.

The Jewel of Russia Berry Infusion is a traditional Russian spirit that must be sampled to fully appreciate. It is made according to techniques devised 300 years ago. The fresh wild cranberries used in the infusion are handpicked and crushed in a vat. Super-premium Jewel of Russia Vodka is then steeped in the mash of fresh fruit for an extended period of time. As a result, the vodka is infused with a lavish fruit flavor and aroma.

The infusion is relatively low in alcohol (44 proof), so there's no excessive heat or biting edge. It is ideally served chilled or featured in a bevy of cocktails.