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Jim Beam White Label

Jim Beam Kentucky
Straight Bourbon


By Robert Plotkin

Since 1795, the Beam family has been making bourbon in Clermont, Kentucky. The distillery is among the largest and most sophisticated facilities in the world. But for all of its technical finesse, little has changed in how Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is produced, which is perhaps why it remains the bestselling brand of bourbon in the world.

This famous bourbon is distilled from a mash bill comprised of high percentages of white and yellow corn grown in Indiana and Kentucky combined with lesser proportions of rye and malted barley. The other two crucial ingredients in the making of the whiskey are sweet limestone filtered water from the Long Lick Creek and a strain of spontaneous-type yeast discovered by Jim Beam himself that has been meticulously cultivated for almost a century.

Premium Jim Beam Bourbon is aged a minimum of 4-years in charred American oak barrels. During the maturation process it develops a soft, medium-weight body and an enticing bouquet of vanilla, baking spices, cocoa and toasted oak aromas. The velvety-textured whiskey bathes the palate with a delectable array of flavors including caramel, vanilla, fruit and a hint of smoke—all of which last long into the warm finish. It’s a classic whiskey experience not to be missed.

Now an American institution, Jim Beam is an absolute "must have" bourbon behind the bar and the brand by which all other American whiskies are measured.