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Jose Cuervo Especial

Jose Cuervo
Especial Tequila


By Robert Plotkin

If you walk into a bar and don't see a bottle of Jose Cuervo Especial Tequila on the backbar, turn around and leave. The brand has grown to be the world's bestselling brand of tequila, known affectionately around the planet simply as "Cuervo Gold." More than just a familiar name, it is the brand that helped launch a cultural revolution.

Jose Cuervo Especial is made in the town of Tequila at the 200-year old family distillery, La Rojeña. It is a premium gold style Joven tequila produced from a trademark blend of double-distilled reposado tequilas and other silver tequilas. The blend is further rested allowing the constituent spirits to become fully integrated, after which it is bottled at 80-proof.

The explanation of why Jose Cuervo Especial has become an international phenomenon doesn't have as much to do with how it's made, but rather its accessible personality once it hits the glass. The tequila has an enticing golden-hue, a smooth medium-weight body and an expansive herbal and floral bouquet. Its palate immediately fills the mouth with spicy, herbal flavors that persist well into the long and warming finish.

There is only one Jose Cuervo Especial and without it all tequila-related commerce at the bar grinds to a halt. When it comes to drink making, the brand has unlimited creative range. From the shot glass to Margarita glass, it is a standard bearer.