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Jose Cuervo Reserva Platino

Jose Cuervo Reserva
de la Familia 100% de
Agave Platino Tequila


By Robert Plotkin

The surest way to assess the attributes of a tequila brand is to sample the distiller's blanco or silver version. Years resting in oak casks have profound affects on aging tequila. Over time, the wood imbues the spirit with increasing amounts of color and oak-induced flavors. However, blanco tequilas rarely see the inside of a barrel and are bottled unadulterated shortly after exiting the still. They're vibrant, peppery and well illustrate why tequila continues to be an international phenomenon. Fitting the description to a tee is ultra-premium Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia 100% de Agave Platino Tequila.

The handcrafted blanco is made according to a proprietary process called "Esencia de Agave," in which only that part of the estate-grown agave richest in fermentable sugars is used in distillation. The process produces a spirit endowed with personality and tremendous depth of character.

A member of the Reserva de la Familia Collection, Jose Cuervo Platino has a curvaceous body, crystal clear appearance and a wafting bouquet of citrus, fruit and lightly peppered aromas. Its palate is a lavish offering of ripe plums, figs, toasted oak, black pepper and spice. The warm, lingering finish serves to seal the deal.

Its predecessor is vintage-dated Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia, a celebrated añejo matured for a minimum of 3-years in both new charred French and American oak barrels. Before its arrival, few in this country had ever tasted a tequila of this magnitude and intensity. Underscoring its artisan nature, Reserva de la Familia is bottled, numbered and sealed in wax by hand.