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Knob Creek Bourbon

Knob Creek Kentucky
Straight Bourbon


By Robert Plotkin

Knob Creek is exactly what bourbon was intended to be. Its semisweet character has timeless appeal, which is why Jim Beam included Knob Creek Kentucky Straight Bourbon as a charter member of the Original Small Batch Bourbon Collection, an unparalleled set of four distinctively different styles of handcrafted bourbon.

Knob Creek Bourbon is distilled in small batches and aged for a minimum of 9-years in new white oak barrels. These barrels are first seared over a low flame to bring out the natural sugars in the wood and then "flash-fired" to create a deep char. It is through the interaction with this rich caramelized layer that Knob Creek gets its deep amber color and savory, semisweet palate.

A few moments alone with Knob Creek are all it takes to fully understand why the 100-proof bourbon has attracted such critical acclaim. The whiskey is enormously aromatic, with bouquets of vanilla and baking spices. A few drops of spring water bring out the bourbon's delectable range of flavors. Its finish is warm and spicy.

The collection of small batch bourbons also includes Booker's, which is a classically structured whiskey aged 6- to 8-years then bottled unfiltered and uncut at about 126-proof. Basil Hayden's is an 8-year old bourbon made with a higher percentage of rye and barley malt for a more flavorful, peppery whiskey. Accessible Baker's Bourbon is a 7-year old, 107-proof whiskey distilled with a family strain of jug yeast.