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Kringle Cream Liqueur

Kringle Cream Liqueur


By Robert Plotkin

There are large swathes of the American Midwest where a riot will erupt should a bakery run out of kringles. Once you taste these baked delicacies you'll understand why. A kringle is a hand-rolled Danish pastry that is rested overnight before being shaped into an oval and filled with fruit, nuts and spices. It is then baked and slathered with a heavenly icing.

In the event your bakery runs out of kringles—or worse doesn't know how to make them—don't resort to violence, just reach for a bottle of recently released Kringle Cream Liqueur. Relax, with this liquid version you can now have your kringle and drink it too.

The altogether luscious cream liqueur is produced by Nordic Distillers at the state of the art Death's Door Distillery located outside of Madison, Wisconsin. It is made on a foundation of molasses-based, continuous-distilled rum, local diary cream and a proprietary blend of spices and natural flavors. The finished liqueur is bottled at 15% alcohol (30 proof).

Kringle Cream is enormously appealing and a spot-on recreation of the traditional pastry. It has an opaque, creamy white hue, a velvety textured body and a spicy, fruity bouquet. The aromatics do a laudable job preparing the palate for what's to come. Its flavor is best described as buttery, spicy and nutty. The taste of flaky pastry on the finish really seals the deal.

As much fun as it is sipping Kringle Cream Liqueur chilled or on the rocks, the liqueur is equally marvelous added to coffee or hot cacao. Its innovative range of flavors also makes Kringle a great substitute for Irish cream liqueurs in cocktails and mixed drinks.
"We're excited to bring Kringle Cream to market with our friends at Death's Door Distillery," says John Eason, COO at Serrallés USA. "We think the brand will bring a sense of fun and excitement to the marketplace."

All of our futures should be so bright.