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Lemon Soprano Crema di Lemoncello Liqueur

Lemon Soprano Crema di
Lemoncello Liqueur


By Robert Plotkin

Some new products are the result of focus groups, spreadsheets and marketing campaigns. Not so Lemon Soprano Crema di Lemoncello Liqueur. Quite to the contrary, this extraordinary liqueur is crafted according to a generations-old, family recipe by musician and producer, Matteo Morse. You don't need a focus group to tell you that Matteo's Lemon Soprano is a taste sensation unlike anything that has preceded it.

Lemoncellos have long been popular in Europe, especially in Italy where on the Amalfi coast the finest lemons grow. For centuries Italians have taken the fruit and steeped it in alcohol and natural sugars. The light-bodied citrus liqueurs would then be savored throughout the year, a slice of summer captured in every bottle.

Matteo's dreamy Lemon Soprano takes the experience to the pinnacle by adding a splash of dairy fresh cream into the mix. The resulting liqueur, 17% alcohol (34 proof), has a creamy, opalescent yellow hue, a velvety textured body and a beckoning bouquet of sun-drenched lemons and citrus zest with light vanilla notes. As enticing as the aromatics are, the palate is even better. The flavor is a slightly tart, yet succulent blend of tangy fresh fruit and bitter zest all couched in a semisweet creamy base. The finish is surgically balanced such that all you taste is lemon without a trace of excessive sweetness. Exquisite.

Matteo suggests serving the liqueur as cold as possible. With all due respect to the maestro himself, the liqueur is equally marvelous—if not more so—served with only a slight chill. Like white wine, more of the fresh fruit flavors come into play when served chilled versus cold. If anything, the different approaches attest to the liqueur's versatility.

Lemon Soprano presents bartenders, mixologists and social hosts with a brand new taste sensation with which to ply their craft. The liqueur is a natural addition to a broad assortment of cocktails and mixed drinks. It's even superb poured over fresh berries.

At a mere 83 calories per ounce, Lemon Soprano is a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

Cin cin!