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Level Vodka



By Robert Plotkin

It's an aspect of the human condition for us to continually set aspirations just beyond our reach, driving us to attain what has yet to be achieved. Such is the best explanation why Absolut—makers of the world's the bestselling premium vodka—would devote considerable effort and resources creating a spirit that exceeded all previous levels of excellence. For that reason, Absolut dubbed its latest triumph LEVEL Vodka.

Introduced in 2004, super-premium Level is made at the company's distillery in Åhus, Sweden using locally grown winter wheat and soft pristine water drawn from a deep underground aquifer. Among the many points of distinction is its singular blend of both continuous-distilled and small batch spirits. Some of the constituent blend is produced using a continuous still, which yields a delicate, light-bodied and ideally pure vodka. The other portion is pot distilled in small batches to obtain a richly textured spirit loaded with taste and aroma. The brand's claim to fame is the exquisite interplay between these disparate spirits.

LEVEL is an ideal example of a luxurious vodka with depth of character. It has a full, voluptuous body with a silky, almost oily texture and light, yet readily discernible notes of baking bread and dried plums. The vodka fills the mouth with warm citrus and spice flavors that taper into a clean, slightly sweet finish.

Lars Olsen Smith secured Absolut's reputation for unsurpassed quality in 1897 with the release of Absolut Renat Brannvin ("Absolutely Pure Vodka"). Now a century later LEVEL has added delicious to that description.