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Limonce Limoncello

Liquore Limoncello


By Robert Plotkin

Italy is well known for crafting some of the finest products on Earth. While sports cars, leather goods, cheese and wine certainly top the list, the nation is also famous for making limoncello, a light and refreshing lemon flavored liqueur. Limoncello is standard fare on backbars throughout Europe. Over the past several years, Americans have been discovering how marvelously wonderful these liqueurs can be. Leading this popular phenomenon is Limoncé Liquore Limoncello.

Made in Trieste, Italy at the renowned Stock Distillery, Limoncé gets its fabulous flavor from sun-drenched lemons grown on the Mediterranean coast. The peels of the fruit are steeped for an extended period of time in pure grain spirits, after which the infused-alcohol is filtered and sweetened. The liqueur is bottled at 60-proof.

Limoncé deserves the critical acclaim it receives. The liqueur looks like freshly squeezed lemonade and has a wafting, lively bouquet with notes of citrus and flora. It has a feather-weight body that rolls over the palate and immediately fills the mouth with a zesty, tangy flavor of lemons. Limoncé is a vibrant sensation brimming with life and kinetic vitality. The lingering finish is warming and bittersweet.

Limoncé is the bestselling limoncello in Italy. The liqueur is tailor-made for American mixology and can be used to invigorate a wide variety of contemporary cocktails. It's often added to Mojitos, Manhattans, Lemon Drops and Martinis for an added burst of flavor.