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Magellan Gin

Magellan Gin


By Robert Plotkin

Premium gins are made from closely guarded recipes that endow them with precisely balanced characters and highly individual personalities. They constitute a rarefied lot, with the fewest number of premium brands of all major spirits. Add to this that no two gins taste alike and you'll see why each brand name gin is truly a unique commodity. When it comes to making a singularly striking first impression, drop-dead gorgeous Magellan London Dry Gin from Cognac, France wins hands down.

Created by spirits guru Michel Roux, the super-premium brand is triple-distilled in small batches from neutral spirits, spring water and 11 sun-dried botanicals. The innovative blend of aromatics includes cloves and deep-blue Iris petals, which are added during the fourth and final distillation. The result is a sensational 88-proof spirit with a captivating light blue tint, making the brand the only naturally derived blue spirit.

Magellan is a feast for the senses. The gin has a shimmering light blue tint, supple medium-weight body and a generous bouquet laced with the aromas of flora, citrus and spice. It has a delightfully soft entry that quickly entertains the palate with an array of tantalizing herbal, spicy and citrusy flavors. The finish is cool and crisp.

Swank Martini haunts will want to be the first on the block to carry Magellan Gin, which was created with a cocktail glass in mind. The top-shelf spirit is a bonafide headliner, ideally suited for any gin-based cocktail assignment.