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MARTINI Bianco Vermouth

MARTINI Bianco Vermouth


By Robert Plotkin

Vermouth is the most frequently relied upon fortified wine behind American bars and no self-respecting drink emporium would dare be caught without an ample selection of vermouths on their backbars. No brand has been more acclaimed and closely associated with world-class vermouth than those of the Italian house of MARTINI.

The company was formed in 1863 when Alessandro Martini and Luigi Rossi took over the operation of an existing vermouth producer in the Piedmont city of Turin. The firm soon became the world's leading exporter of vermouth, a distinguished range that includes MARTINI Bianco Vermouth.

Introduced in 1910, the famous vermouth is still made in Turin's Distilleria Nazionale di Spirito di Vino. It is crafted from a blend of Italian dry white wines that are infused with a secret recipe of aromatic herbs, spices and vanilla. It is then filtered and bottled at 15% alcohol by volume (abv).

MARTINI Bianco is a delectable treat with a pale straw color, a velvety medium-weight body and a generous semisweet bouquet. The silky smooth entry delivers a slightly spicy palate touched with herbal and fruity nuances. Its long finish has a pronounced vanilla flavor. Bianco vermouth is ideally balanced and makes an invaluable addition in cocktails.

MARTINI Rosso Vermouth is equally delicious. Created in 1863, it's made from a blend of red wines infused with aromatic botanicals and is bottled at 16% abv. The vermouth has a reddish/amber hue, a lushly textured body and an enticing bouquet laced with prominent aromas of ginger, quinine and dried fruit. It features an appetite stimulating palate and a semisweet, silky smooth finish.

Launched on New Year's Day 1900, MARTINI Extra Dry Vermouth ranks among the most successful vermouths on the market. It is crafted from a blend of white wines that are infused with herbs, spices and aromatics. After blending, the vermouth is barrel-aged for up to 6 months to allow the constituent ingredients to fully integrate. It is then filtered and bottled at 18% alcohol by volume (abv).

The dry vermouth is crystal clear with no trace of color. It has a medium-weight body with a subtle, yet tantalizing bouquet of spices and herbs. On the palate, the vermouth is soft and loaded with herbal and fruity nuances. The finish is long and flavorful.

The newest member of the range is MARTINI Rosato Vermouth. Introduced in 2010, the aperitif is handcrafted from a blend of red and white Italian wines infused with a secret recipe of aromatics and botanicals sourced throughout the Mediterranean. MARTINI Rosato, 15% abv, has a pinkish hue and a spicy bouquet with citrus and fruit notes. The high aromatics and well-balanced palate make it ideally suited for use in cocktails.

The cocktail renaissance has brought fortified wines back into the limelight. A new generation of mixologists is becoming enamored with MARTINI vermouths for their complexity and tremendous depths of flavor. Salud!