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Mayfair London Dry Gin

Mayfair London Dry


By Robert Plotkin

There is a cachet attached to London dry gin that no other light liquor has. It is a spirit most closely associated with sophistication and elegance. To explain its nearly universal appeal, aficionados point to gin's enticing aromas and captivating flavors—qualities few vodkas can claim to possess. It's also important to note that no two premium gins taste alike, which makes each a singular commodity. So when gin enthusiasts say they fancy a particular gin more than the others, believe them.

A brand certain to attract loyalty is Mayfair London Dry Gin, a critically acclaimed spirit made by Thames Distiller in London, a 300-year old distillery and the only independent gin producer remaining in London. Mayfair is produced in small batches using a 500-Liter copper pot still made by the fame craftsmen at John Dore & Co. The firm is protective of the gin's exact recipe, but it's safe to presume the botanical mix minimally includes juniper berries, angelica root, coriander and orrisroot. The gin is bottled at a reasonable 43% alcohol (86 proof).

While new to the United States, Mayfair Gin has garnered a reputation abroad as a skillfully crafted spirit with style and pedigree. It has pristine clarity, a satiny textured, medium-weight body and a juniper-forward nose with wafts of citrus zest, flora, and spice. Its aromatic signature is well worth the price of admission. The entry is only slightly warm as it quickly expands filling the mouth with an impeccably balanced offering of earthy, fruity and herbal flavors. The dry, lingering finish is spicy with a subtle bitter edge.

Mixologists will appreciate the experience of making drinks with Mayfair. The gin is sufficiently dry and flavorful that it works well featured in a Martini; at the same time its floral notes make it a natural mixed with a crisp tonic water. Behind the bar Mayfair is an inspired choice for any gin-based drink or craft cocktail.