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Mayfair English Vodka

Mayfair English Vodka


By Robert Plotkin

To best appreciate the quality and craftsmanship of Mayfair English Vodka, you need to first understand a little something about its older sibling—the critically acclaimed Mayfair Gin.
The initial stage of producing this London Dry gem involves distilling locally grown grain into an essentially pure neutral spirit, which in turn is infused with juniper berries and various select botanicals and aromatics. Those infused spirits are then redistilled multiple times, and voilà, you have the inimitable Mayfair Gin. The inherent quality and character of the underlying neutral spirits is a crucial element to its overall excellence.

It should come as no surprise the neutral grain spirits used to make Mayfair London Dry Gin is absolutely sensational in its own right—satiny textured, subtly aromatic and eminently smooth. In fact, it was deemed so superior that the company decided to bring it to market as Mayfair English Vodka.

A quick sniff, sip and swallow of this classy new vodka will confirm Mayfair Brands, Ltd. made the right decision. The vodka has pristine clarity, a lightweight body and a clean, crisp array of grainy, spicy aromas. Its gentle entry quickly expands filling the mouth with a wholly satisfying warmth that lingers well into the extended finish. From stem to stern this is a rock solid performer.

The secret to the vodka's engaging personality can be found in how it's made. Both Mayfair Gin and Vodka are products of Thames Distiller, a 300-year old distillery and the only independent gin producer remaining in London. The distillery is equipped with a century-old, 500-liter copper pot still, as well as a column-still for continuous distillation. The vodka is six times distilled in the column still. A portion of the last run is then further distilled in the copper pot and blended back to imbue the finished vodka with added texture, body and aromatics.

Mayfair English Vodka enjoys an advantage over many of its other top-shelf contenders. When you get to this quality level of vodka, most of the brands are good for use in Martinis and craft cocktails. That much is a given. Mayfair's advantage is it's also outstanding consumed on its own—at room temperature and naked in a glass. Not many other vodkas can pass that test.

Mayfair English Vodka—cheers! and welcome to the States.