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Mexican Moonshine Tequila Reposado 100% de Agave

Mexican Moonshine
Tequila Reposado
100% de Agave


By Robert Plotkin

Aficionados searching for an elegant tequila brimming with character that won't sideswipe the pocketbook need look no further than Mexican Moonshine Tequila Reposado 100% de Agave. Don't be mislead by its somewhat tongue-in-cheek name, the brand is high quality and skillfully produced. It is the creation of recording artist Roger Clyne, who the Asbury Park Press has dubbed "…the Bruce Springsteen of the Southwest." Indeed, few musicians have done more for or are more closely associated with tequila than Clyne. His song, "Jack vs. José" has become something of a tequila drinker's Declaration of Independence.

Mexican Moonshine is crafted at Fabrica de Tequilas Finos [NOM 1472] in the town of Tequila. The agaves used to make the tequila are cultivated in the semiarid Lowlands of Jalisco. After harvesting, the agaves are brought to the distillery where they are slowly baked in stainless steel autoclaves. The steamed agaves are then shredded to extract the plants' sugar-rich juice and transferred to stainless vats for fermentation. The distillery uses a proprietary strain of yeast to precipitate fermentation. The fermented wash—referred to as mosto—is double-distilled in a stainless steel, copper-lined pot still. The finished tequilas are bottled at 40% alcohol (80 proof).

Launched in 2010, Mexican Moonshine Reposado is an excellent example of why reposado is the bestselling expression of tequila in the world. It is aged in charred, American white oak barrels for a minimum of 9 months. During its stay in wood, the reposado develops a golden hue, a silky textured, lightweight body and an enticing bouquet of vanilla, cinnamon, caramel, dark chocolate and nutmeg. Its aromatics greatly enhance the overall experience. On the palate, the tequila has a soft, cool entry that rapidly expands filling the mouth with dry, herbaceous and spicy flavor. Its finish is long and flavorful with subtle notes of toasted oak.

Mexican Moonshine Añejo is a sophisticated spirit barrel-aged for 18 months or more, but less than three. It has a rich golden hue, a velvety textured body and a generous bouquet of oak, dried herbs, honey and spice. The longer it is allowed to breathe, the more delightfully aromatic it becomes. Its layered palate is imbued with dry, long-lasting flavor, which makes it an ideal spirit to serve neat. Affordable luxury is rarely this luxurious.

The brand's blanco version is left un-aged and rigorously filtered prior to bottling. As a result, Mexican Moonshine Silver has ideal clarity, a light silky body and the aromas of citrus, pepper, honey and tropical fruit. Its clean, crisp flavors make it a savvy choice for use in cocktails as well as sipping neat.

You likely won't be surprised to learn that one of Clyne's impressive catalogue of songs is a catchy number entitled "Mexican Moonshine." In a happy coincidence, both the song and the tequila are soaring up the charts with a bullet.