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Mickey Finn's Irish Apple Flavored Whiskey

Mickey Finn's Irish Apple
Flavored Whiskey


By Robert Plotkin

Tired, threadbare products don't cut it anymore with today's consumers. Innovation is what drives beverage sales on-premise and every backbar deserves something new and curiously exciting within their ranks to keep to energy levels pegged at maximum. An excellent example is as Mickey Finn's Irish Apple Flavored Whiskey. This recently released import is a product that crosscuts several ultra-popular segments of the marketplace, namely flavored spirits, American and Irish whiskeys and pre-Prohibition mixology. That it's a light, approachable spirit, a whiskey that easily appeals to both genders, is an added bonus.

Mickey Finn's Irish Apple Flavored Whiskey is produced in the Netherlands. It's a singular blend of Irish and American grain whiskeys infused with natural apple flavors and the juice of Irish green apples. The whiskey is bottled at 35% alcohol by volume (70 proof). The lower strength allows its flavor package to luxuriate on the palate longer, an advantage when it comes to crafting artisanal cocktails.

The whiskey ranks in the upper echelon of its class. It has a pale golden hue, a satiny textured, slightly oily body and a fruit and semisweet grain bouquet. The cool, soft entry slowly reveals its palate of green apple, table grapes, spearmint, menthol and spice. The lingering finish is at once tart, dry and semisweet.

Clearly this is a whiskey developed with drink making in mind. Its breadth of flavor marries well with almost any type of juice, drink mix or carbonated mixer. As for cocktail suggestions, the company promotes the Southside Appletini, a mix of Mickey Finn Irish Apple and cranberry juice shaken and served straight up, and the Mickey Finn Hot Toddy, a bracer of the whiskey and a fill with hot water or apple cider.

As you might suspect, there's some history behind this unusual brand. Mickey Finn was an Irish immigrant who settled in Chicago in 1893. Soon after, he opened a bar on the city's "Whiskey's Row" named The Lone Star and Palm Garden Saloon where he served a drink made with Irish whiskey and green apple juice. His reputation as a publican grew and for decades—even throughout Prohibition—Mickey Finn was a veritable fixture in Chicago nightlife. In addition to his famous whiskey concoction, he also became somewhat renown for dealing with miscreants and troublemakers by plying their drinks with chloral hydrate, which would quickly render them unconscious. While an unimaginable practice today, it proved a quick and effective way of restoring order in the saloon.

Mickey Finn's Irish Apple Flavored Whiskey is a new age spirit with a colorful past.