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Mount Gay Eclipse
Barbados Rum


By Robert Plotkin

Made on the small island of Barbados, Mount Gay is not only the oldest rum in the world, it's the most recognized and bestselling brand. A quarter of all of the distillery's rum is consumed on the island. The flagship of the company's portfolio, Mount Gay Eclipse Barbados Rum, was created in 1910 and its name commemorates the total solar eclipse that occurred that year.

Mount Gay Eclipse is produced from estate grown sugar cane and coral filtered spring water. It is comprised of a blend of pot still and continuous still rums aged in charred, American oak barrels for a minimum of two-years. It is bottled at 80-proof. Eclipse has a luminous, golden amber hue that is a marvelous entrée for the sensations that follow.

The rum has a compact bouquet featuring the aromas of floral, spice, nuts and fresh fruit with a touch of vanilla and oak thrown into the mix. The rum has a well-textured, light to medium-weight body. Its complex array of flavors settles lightly on the palate as slowly each individual flavor is discerned. Most prominent among its smooth tastes are tropical fruit, vanilla, a hint of toasty oak, caramel and apricot. Eclipse has a marvelous, semisweet, lightly smoked finish that is both complex and long lasting.

Little wonder Mount Gay Eclipse Rum has gained worldwide renown. It's a well- balanced rum that can be enjoyed both neat or featured in a lead role in classic mixed drinks and cocktails.