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Oro Azul Reposado Tequila

Oro Azul Reposado
100% Agave Tequila


By Robert Plotkin

We're all products of our lineage and environment. They both play vital roles in determining who or what we'll ultimately become. Such is the case with Oro Azul 100% Agave Tequila, a skillfully crafted spirit made by five successive generations of the Lopez Garibay family. A century is a fair amount of time to perfect one's trade.

The venerable brand of tequila originated in the early 1890s in the Highlands of Jalisco. Don Pedro Camarena began cultivating blue agaves on his ranch in the Jesús Maria district of the Los Altos Mountains. The microclimate and rich volcanic soil proved an ideal environment, which allowed Camarena to soon open a taverna where he began distilling tequila.

In 1921, the family constructed a new distillery—Agave Tequilana Productores—on its estate in Zapopan near Guadalajara. The descendants of Don Camarena have followed his lead and continue handcrafting tequila entirely from estate-grown agaves using traditional distilling techniques. The distillery no longer uses the stone tohono wheel to crush the baked agave opting instead to employ a shredder, but that's about the only concession to the 20th century.

Oro Azul Reposado 100% Agave Tequila is aged for 6 months in American white oak barrels. It has a pale amber hue, a lightweight, slightly oily body and an enticing bouquet of spice, apples and caramel. The tequila immediately fills the mouth with the semisweet flavors of vanilla, mangoes, citrus and toffee. The lingering finish is a blend of fruit and spice with a hint of char from the barrel. A sublime experience from start to silky finish.

The Oro Azul Añejo is a luxurious tequila aged a minimum of two years in charred oak barrels. During its stay in wood it acquires a golden/amber hue, a light silky body and a bouquet generously laced with peppery, oaky and fruity aromas. Its dry entry quickly expands and fills the mouth with warm, tantalizing flavors, a long-lasting array of dried fruit, toffee, citrus zest and toasted oak.

Bottled fresh from the still, crystal clear Oro Azul Blanco has a light, flawlessly smooth body with a peppery, spicy bouquet. Its palate is slightly salty and flavored with dry herbal flavors that gradually fade into a warm, pepper and fruit finish. It makes a marvelous entree to the joy of sipping blanco tequilas.

A few minutes alone with any of the three marques is enough time to appreciate why five generations have left it unchanged.