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Oval Vodka

Oval Stuctured Vodka


By Robert Plotkin

Vodka originated more than 600 years ago in present-day Russia and Poland, exactly where is still hotly contested. In both countries, the word for vodka literally translates to "water of life," which speaks volumes about the reverence they held for the spirit. It also reveals a great deal about the significant role water plays on the quality of finished product. Oval Structured Vodka takes the relationship between water and spirit to the next level.

Launched in 2004, Oval Vodka is produced in the rural country outside of Vienna, Austria. The spirit is the brainchild of Russian Valery Sorokin, a professor of physical chemistry who developed the breakthrough technology that eventually led to the brand'Vis creation. The secret behind the vodka's velvety qualities is a patented process that from start to finish takes 11 days. It involves distilling neutral spirits from locally grown wheat, which is done in state-of-the-art, stainless steel columns stills. After that, science kicks in.
At the end of the proprietary process, every molecule of 84-proof vodka is completely surrounded by four molecules of water. Bound together they act as one. The design of the decanter is an artistic depiction of the resulting "structured" molecule

Oval Vodka is a genuinely fascinating, 21st century spirit. The crystal clear vodka has an engaging mineral-like aroma, a lightweight body and a mouthfeel reminiscent of mountain spring water. It immediately fills the mouth with satiny smooth warmth before ebbing away in a lingering, peppery finish.

What an exquisite, palate-pleasing way to embrace science.