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360 Vodka

Pomegranate Liqueur


By Robert Plotkin

Every once in a while a groundbreaking product comes around and changes the landscape of American backbars. PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur is precisely such a product. In the same way Chambord immortalized the essence of black raspberries, PAMA has captured the immensely popular pomegranate. This delectable liqueur is a guaranteed franchise player, a backbar classic in the making.

Super-premium PAMA is crafted by Heaven Hill in Bardstown, Kentucky by infusing premium vodka and a small percentage of tequila with 100% all natural pomegranate juice. It is bottled at an accessible 34-proof.

PAMA is the world's first authentic pomegranate liqueur and it's a bonafide keeper. The liqueur has a seductive, true-to-fruit reddish hue, a lushly textured, medium-weight body and an alluring bouquet of mixed berry aromas. The sumptuous palate is what really seals the deal. It is imbued with the dry, tart flavors of pomegranate and cranberries. Its finish is flavorful and impressively long.

No mere splash of pomegranate juice could possibly achieve what PAMA is able to accomplish in a cocktail. The liqueur is ideally suited for showcasing in Martinis, Cosmopolitans and Margaritas. In fact, reach for the bottle whenever preparing a cocktail in need of a blast of fresh and delectably tart flavor. PAMA is one of the rare "can't miss" ingredients.