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p.i.n.k. Vodka

p.i.n.k. Caffeine &
Guarana Infused Vodka


By Robert Plotkin

At long last, here's a tricked-out vodka perfectly in sync with America and our nanosecond lifestyle. Dutch-born p.i.n.k. Caffeine & Guarana Infused Vodka is an innovative, delectable spirit from a prestigious distiller, which as it turns out, is one of several marques from this energized brand.

Super-premium p.i.n.k. is made at Distillery DeHoorn in Zoetermeer in South Holland. It is column-distilled from hand-harvested wheat and an all-natural infusion of caffeine and guarana—a natural Brazilian stimulant. The vodka contains no added flavor, sugar or color and each shot contains about the same cranking power as 1/2 to 3/4 cup of coffee.

Sleek and stimulating is an unbeatable combination. The 80-proof vodka has a satiny, medium-weight body and a floral, lightly spiced bouquet. p.i.n.k. is pleasantly dry with a delectable fruit note on the finish. Overall, it's an ultra-savvy spirit that mingles well with others.

The entire portfolio is contemporary, hip and cutting edge. Ultra-premium p.i.n.k. Tequila from the craftsmen at La Cofradia Distillery is sexy as nylons and satisfying as cocoa. The tequila is a marvelous mouth feel, a wafting floral/spice bouquet and a sublime finish. Infused with caffeine and guarana, it's a character-laden tequila won't get lost in a cocktail.

Equally stylish is p.i.n.k. White Whiskey, a thoroughly impressive spirit produced in a copper pot still in Hudson Valley, New York. The 100% corn whiskey is crystal clear, satiny smooth, aromatic and slightly sweet on the finish.

Rounding out the range are artisanal p.i.n.k. Saké, a small batch Honjozo sake from Nishinomiya Japan, elegant p.i.n.k. London Dry Gin, which is produced in a single column copper still and p.i.n.k. Rum from Jamaica.