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Punzone Organic Vodka

PunZoné Organic Vodka


By Robert Plotkin

The challenging part of packaging vodka in a striking bottle is the neutral spirit better be up to the task. Consumers don't appreciate being duped. No, if you're going to market a vodka in an attention grabbing bottle, the product inside needs to be equally stunning.

Italian import PunZoné Organic Vodka is among only a handful of brands on the market in which harmony exists between their enhanced packaging and intrinsic beauty. PunZoné is one of those esteemed few. A few moments alone with this vodka and you'll no doubt say, "Welcome to the United States."

PunZoné Vodka is made at the Cantine Sgarzi Luigi winery in Piemonte, Italy from organic wheat grown exclusively in northern Italy and spring water drawn from the nearby Alps. No additives or flavorants are added. The family-operated winery distills the vodka with a continuous, fractional five-column still that employs an involved process to remove the undesirable compounds from the distillate. After distillation, the certified organic vodka is rigorously filtered to ensure essentially purity.

PunZoné is indeed a rare and elegant spirit. It has ideal clarity, a velvety, slightly viscous body and a light, semisweet bouquet. The vodka raises nary a trace of heat as it gradually expands and then gently subsides into a creamy, lingering finish. It's hard to tell the vodka is actually 80 proof.

"Quality is luxury," states Frank Guerrera, CEO and founder, PunZoné, Inc. "Our vodka is made from the finest and freshest organic ingredients, all of which are sourced straight from the nearby farms of northern Italy and produced at a world-class winery and distillery. PunZoné's authenticity and craftsmanship is what makes us luxurious."

The brand's portfolio also includes PunZoné Originale, an ultra-premium infusion in which all-world PunZoné Vodka is steeped with organic Sangiovese-grape sangria and natural blood oranges grown at the finest organic groves in southern Italy. Bottled at 17% alcohol (34 proof), the relatively low alcohol content allows its lush flavors to luxuriate on the palate for an agreeably long time. The red hued "cocktail punch" has a satiny lightweight body and an alluring, fresh fruit bouquet. It glides lightly over the palate before slipping away into a delicious, artfully balanced finish.

The third product in the range is PunZoné Lemoncino, a delicate sangria perfect for drink making or sipping over ice. Don't confuse this sensational product with common lemoncello—it is far more luxurious and sophisticated. Lemoncino is crafted with PunZoné Vodka infused with organic Chardonnay grapes grown in Abruzzo and a natural lemon essence from Sicily. The liqueur, 17% alcohol, has a light citrus nose and refreshing, semisweet, slightly tart palate. It's ready to enjoy straight from the bottle.

Last point, the PunZoné range of products are imported in liter bottles, which makes them more cost effective than those sold only in 750ml bottles. Its just another valid reason to stock the brand on your backbar.