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Remy Martin Excellence Cognac

Remy Martin XO
Excellence Cognac


By Robert Plotkin

Established in 1724, Rémy Martin is one of the preeminent cognac houses. It's the only major firm to produce solely Fine Champagne cognacs comprised of brandies from the acclaimed Grande and Petite Champagne growing regions. Rémy Martin is also the only major cognac house to distill all of its brandies on the lees; which it is argued, yields spirits with a greater range of complexity. No expression better illustrates the firm's signature style than the impeccable Rémy Martin XO Excellence Cognac.

This famous designation is created from a blend comprised of more than 100 eaux-de-vie, all of which are from the Grande (85%) and Petite Champagne (15%) regions. Its constituent brandies are aged between 10- and 37-years in seasoned Limousin oak barrels and receive further aging after blending to allow the cognacs to fully integrate.

Rémy XO Excellence is a rare and sublime pleasure. The cognac has a mahogany-hue with gold highlights and a generous bouquet of cinnamon oranges, plums and subtle floral notes. The light, velvety body delivers waves of delectable spicy, ripe fruit flavors that persist remarkably long on the palate.

The distinguished top-end of the Rémy Martin portfolio features the likes of Rémy Martin Extra Fine Champagne Cognac, whose blend has a minimum age of between 20- and 50-years; as well as the world's most recognized ultra premium spirit, Louis XIII De Rémy Martin. With its youngest brandy registering 40-years in age, this famous cognac is appropriately packaged in Baccarat crystal.