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Reyka Vodka

Reyka Vodka


By Robert Plotkin

There are four items to consider when evaluating a vodka. First, it must be made with naturally pure water. The character of that water, which by volume is vodka's principal ingredient, has a significant impact on body, nose and taste. Next, what product the vodka is distilled from—be it grain, cane, grapes, potatoes, etc.—should be of high quality and preferably locally grown. Local ingredients have an imprint of place, or terroir, and lend exclusivity to the vodka.

Then there are variables such as the technical capabilities of the equipment used for distillation and filtering. Creating a pure spirit is a challenging thing to do and it requires specialized equipment. Unlike spirits that are finished in oak, vodka is an open book that immediately reveals all of its flaws. Lastly, the finished vodka must have certain tangible attributes; namely a trim, textured body, a clean, crisp nose, a neutral, yet stimulating palate and a thoroughly satisfying finish.

Taking all of these things into consideration, ultra-premium Reyka Vodka is an Olympic caliber spirit and a classic thing of beauty.

The brand is handcrafted in Borgarnes, Iceland, a strikingly beautiful village graced with some of the cleanest air found on the planet. Reyka (pronounced "Rey-kuh") is distilled in small batches from local grain and lava-filtered, glacial water drawn the Grabok Spring, which when tested was found to contain no impurities. The distillery uses a Carter-Head pot still, the first of its kind employed to distill vodka. Only a small portion of each distillation run is used for production. Prior to being bottled at 40% alcohol (80 proof), the vodka is rendered essentially pure by filtering it through finely crushed lava.

A sniff, sip and swallow will confirm Reyka Vodka is deserving of its critical acclaim. It has pristine clarity, a silky smooth, lightweight body and a subtle floral and herbal nose. The longer the vodka is allowed to breathe, the more aromatic notes come to the forefront. Almost immediately upon entry the vodka begins to expand and fill the mouth with spicy warmth and notes of honey, lavender and raisins. The flavors persist throughout the warm, spicy finish. Reyka is a marvelous vodka experience in all respects.

It's worth noting that the Reyka distillery is powered entirely by steam emanating from the nearby hot springs. The geothermal energy captured from deep within the earth supplies power to the distillery without adding to its carbon footprint. Reyka is an ideal example of how you can produce an extraordinary spirit and not pollute the environment doing it.

Kudos and Cheers!