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Right Gin

Right Gin


By Robert Plotkin

There is a mystique surrounding gin that no other light liquor evokes. It's the major spirit most closely associated with elegance and sophistication. To explain gin's nearly universal appeal, aficionados point to its light body, engaging array of flavors and lively, enticing aromas. A sterling example is ultra-premium Right Gin from Sweden.

Produced in Malmo in the southern part of the country, top-shelf Right Gin is crafted on a foundation of neutral spirits column-distilled from locally grown corn and soft, pure water from nearby Lake Bolmen. Its breadth of character is derived from a mix of 8 botanicals that includes juniper, cardamom, coriander, citrus and a few delicious surprises, Sicilian bergamot and black pepper from Borneo. Each ingredient is distilled individually and blended together to create the finished 80-proof spirit.

In a rather ironic twist, the 2 men responsible for developing the mega-classy brand did so because they had never run across a gin that they liked. So they set out to make one. The world-class result is a crystal clear spirit with a svelte, satiny textured body and a beckoning citrus and herbal bouquet. Its initial entry is pleasantly warm and bathes the palate with the lightly spiced flavors of lime, lemon and grapefruit. The crisp, ultra-clean finish features a subtle, yet tantalizing dose of pepper.

After a sip or two it's easy to appreciate why so many have become smitten with Right Gin. The character-laded spirit has personality to spare and a guaranteed lock to bolster your bar's Martini ratings.