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Ron Viejo de Caldas Colombian Rum

Ron Viejo de Caldas
Colombian Rum


By Robert Plotkin

If you're looking for a new rum experience, one that will exceed your expectations all the while leaving your wallet largely intact, then look no further then Ron Viejo de Caldas Colombian Rum.

Columbia has enjoyed a long history of distilling rum, a lucrative trade begun by colonists during Spain's 300-year reign. Part of their success must be attributed to the unsurpassed growing conditions for sugarcane. Rich volcanic soil, abundant rainfall and long stretches of sunshine make for ideal conditions for growing sugarcane. The better the cane, the better the rum. Likewise, the hot humid days and long cool nights provide near perfect conditions for barrel-aging rum.

Ron Viejo rums are produced at Industria Licorera de Caldas in Manizales, the provincial capital of Caldas high in the Andes at 7,200 feet above sea level. Located in the shadow of the Nevado del Ruiz volcano, the 90-year old distillery sources its virgin sugar cane from the Cauca River Valley, one of the few places in the world where sugar cane is cultivated all year round. The distillery is now equipped with state of the art column stills. Each of its rums is a blend of spirits selected for the individual attributes they contribute to the whole.

Ron Viejo de Caldas Colombian Rum is a brilliant rum with a golden amber hue, a velvety, medium-weight body and a generous fruit and spice bouquet. The rum has a gentle entry as it fills the mouth with a generous array of dark chocolate, vanilla, plums, coffee and spice. The lingering finish is smooth and flavorful. Here's a rum that delivers a lot of bang for the buck.