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Rum Toucano

Rum Toucano


By Robert Plotkin

Any ultra-chic cocktail haunt needs to have Rum Toucano on the backbar. It is a classy, romantic spirit imported from the rainforests of Brazil and made within a stones throw of the Amazon. In the world of drink making, delectable and exotic is an unbeatable combination.

Rum Toucano is produced by world renowned Ypióca of Fortaleza, the oldest cachaça distillery in Brazil. The Telles family has operated their facility in the tropical state of Ceara since 1846. Toucano is distilled from the pure, first run juice of freshly harvested and unprocessed sugar cane. The 80-proof rum is aged for two-years in oak casks and Portuguese bálsamo barrels. The carnauba palm fronds wrapping the bottle are hand woven by local craftsmen.

Toucano is a South American sensation. The rum has a rich, golden copper hue and an assertive bouquet of herbal, woody aromas. It has a lightweight, oily body and a primarily dry, herbaceous palate similar to an unaged rhum agricole, yet with a more earthy, mineral crisp finish. The effect is sensational.

In its native land this type of spirit is referred to as cachaça rum. Cachaça is the national beverage of Brazil. Toucano is different from most cachaças because it is aged for two-years in casks of oak and balsam, which renders it smooth and refined. The rum's crisp, light and unusual taste makes it a natural to feature in a broad range of contemporary cocktails and South American classic drinks.