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By Robert Plotkin

After your first sip of RumChata you'll wonder where it's been all of your life. It's that delicious. Well, don't blame the producers because creating something universally appealing takes time. Bottom line, this is one liqueur destined for greatness.

RumChata is the brainchild of master blender Thomas Maas. The liqueur is skillfully crafted with a base of five-times distilled premium rum imported from the Caribbean and the same all natural products used to make traditional horchata, namely real dairy cream, rice, vanilla and cinnamon. The ingredients are homogenized to ensure they don't separate and that their flavors become fully integrated. It is bottled at 13.75% alcohol by volume (27.5 proof).

Although intended to be featured in a cocktail or mixed drink, RumChata also tastes marvelous wearing nothing but a slight chill. It has the look of horchata, a supple medium-weight body and a delicately scented bouquet. The liqueur immediately bathes the palate with creamy vanilla and cinnamon, flavors that persist throughout the long, delectable finish. The liqueur is easy to drink and devoid of the cloying finish that plague some other cream liqueurs.

If you can't have fun behind the bar with RumChata, perhaps you're no longer breathing. As any mixologist will attest, it's an innovative product with unlimited applications. Fabulous blended in coffee, espresso or cappuccino, RumChata also marries beautifully with tequila, rum and brandy.

Cream liqueurs are something special. Perhaps they appeal directly to a special part of our brain. Who wouldn't crave horchata-laced cream infused with a dram of Caribbean rum? Those cravings are bound to thump off the charts once you taste RumChata. Strap yourself in because this is great stuff.