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Russian Standard Vodka

Russian Standard Vodka


By Robert Plotkin

In a country that loves throaty V-8s, barbeque and bone-crunching sports, how did a spirit as delicately nuanced as vodka become so immensely popular in America? The lightening strike came during the Cold War in the mid-70s, when for the first time those of us in the decadent West were permitted our first taste of authentic Russian vodka. It was like partaking of a forbidden fruit and we as a nation were immediately smitten by its solid physique and irresistibly seductive charms. The same experience awaits you with Russian Standard Vodka.

Made in St. Petersburg, the brand is the bestselling premium vodka in Russia. Produced using a recipe developed in 1894, Russian Standard is continuous-distilled from select winter wheat grown in the Russian Steppes and pure glacial waters drawn from nearby Lake Lagoda. To ensure essential purity, the vodka is twice filtered slowly through charcoal, then sent to relaxation tanks for 48-hours to allow its molecular structure to become fully integrated.

Alone in the glass, stripped of its packaging, the spirit is still unmistakably of Russian origin. It has crystalline clarity, a trim, lean body and a crisp bouquet with dry flinty notes. The initial entry fills the mouth with warm, slightly sweet flavors that dance about the palate before gradually tapering into a clean finish. Russian Standard is an 80-proof thing of beauty.

The state of the art distillery also makes super-premium IMPERIA Russian Vodka, which is subjected to an even more stringent filtration regimen. The result is elegant and world-class. Nazdaróvye!