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Scorpion Mezcal 100% Agave Anejo

Scorpion Mezcal
100% Agave Añejo


By Robert Plotkin

You'll likely pause for a moment or two before drinking from a bottle containing a scorpion. There's no shame in it, it's a perfectly natural reaction. But only the courageous earn the opportunity to savor this exceptional spirit. S Scorpion Mezcal 100% Agave Añejo is sultry, sophisticated and a must have for any self-respecting backbar.

Mezcal is now protected as an "Appellation of Origin" similar to Cognac and Champagne. Certification has greatly helped to advance the reputation of the category by requiring that it be made from 100% agave and produced under strict quality guidelines. Small batch Scorpion Mezcal is a sterling example of the how magnificent these spirits can be.

The artisanal brand is handcrafted in the village of San Agustin de las Juntas in Oaxaca, Mexico, from mature Espadine agave and purified water. After harvesting, the sugar rich agaves are steam baked in stone ovens for 3-4 days before being shredded and transferred to a large stainless steel tank. Fermentation is precipitated by natural airborne yeast, a process that takes up to several weeks. The fermented agave mash is distilled twice; the second distillation occurs in small, copper, wood-fired pot stills. The entire range is presented at 80 proof.

Scorpion Mezcal 100% Agave Añejo is a gem in all respects. It's matured in small oak barrels for a minimum of a year. The mezcal has a deep amber hue, an oily medium-weight body and an enticing citrus, smoky and herbaceous bouquet. Its smooth, clean entry quickly expands in the mouth and bathes the palate with the flavors of cucumber, tobacco and honeydew melon. The lingering finish is spicy with prominent smoky notes.

As for the scorpion exoskeleton inside the bottle, worry not, it's a harmless observer. The arachnid is FDA approved and is perfectly safe to eat—only make sure you chew it well.

Scorpion Mezcal 100% Agave Reposado spends between 2 and 12 months in small oak barrels. During its stay in wood, the reposado develops a golden/amber color, a lushly textured, medium-weight body and a rather generous bouquet of honey, herbs and spice. Its warm, smooth entry brings with it waves of flavor, including honey, caramel, cinnamon and citrus zest. The long finish is laced with spice and wisps of smoke.

Unaged Scorpion Mezcal 100% Agave Silver is bottled directly from the still. It has pristine clarity and a silky featherweight body. The bouquet is imbued with dark chocolate, spice, ripe plums and smoke. Its lively aromatics underscore the spirit's fresh exuberance. The palate is brimming with the flavors of fruit, spice and dried herbs. It finishes long and spicy warm with notes charcoal smoke.

Scorpion Mezcals are classy and thoroughly enjoyable spirits capable of winning the hearts of even the most reluctant of souls. As the makers like to say, "Worms are for wimps!"