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Scorpion Mezcal Gran Reserva

Scorpion Mezcal 100%
Agave 5–Year Old


By Robert Plotkin

Artisanal mezcals are paralleling the phenomenal growth of tequilas. These traditional 100% agave spirits are protected as an "Appellation of Origin" and produced under strict quality guidelines. Firmly entrenched in the highest echelon of the category is ultra-suave Scorpion Mezcal 100% Agave 5–Year Old, a skillfully made añejo loaded with charm and finesse.

The Scorpion range of mezcals is handcrafted in the village of San Agustin de las Juntas in Oaxaca, Mexico from mature Espadine and Barril agaves and purified water. After harvesting, the sugar rich agaves are baked over charcoal in rock-lined pit ovens for 4 days before being shredded by a horse-drawn tahona wheel and transferred to a large wooden tank. Fermentation is precipitated by natural airborne yeast, a process that takes up to several weeks. The fermented agave mash is distilled twice; the second distillation occurs in small, copper, wood-fired pot stills. Each 80-proof mezcal is presented with a scorpion exoskeleton inside the bottle. It's FDA approved and is perfectly safe to eat.

Super-premium Scorpion Reserva is matured for a minimum of 5 years in small oak barrels. The mezcal has the look of well-aged bourbon, an oily medium-weight body and a captivating bouquet of vanilla, black cherries and baking spices. It immediately fills the mouth with a lavish array of semisweet flavors, including maple, creamy caramel and vanilla before fading to a savory, slightly smoky finish. The reserve mezcal is elegant and sublime.

The crowning jewel of the portfolio is the limited edition Scorpion Mezcal 100% Agave Gran Reserva, a luxurious spirit of remarkable depth and complexity. The single barrel mezcal is triple-distilled and aged 7 years in small oak barrels. It has an attractive amber appearance, a plush medium-weight body and a wafting bouquet of vanilla, pepper, cinnamon, caramel and toasted oak. The soft entry delivers a flavor array that includes dark chocolate, black pepper, vanilla and coffee. The long finish is spicy and thoroughly satisfying. Scorpion Gran Reserva is presented in hand-numbered, French glass decanters with a museum-grade arachnid inside. It's top-notch from start to slightly smoky finish.

Scorpion Mezcals are rare exotic treasures perfect for urban warriors and rugged individualists. They're skillfully made by folks passionate about their craft. The only thing missing is the worm.