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Sinfire Cinnamon Whisky

Sinfire Cinnamon


By Robert Plotkin

If you can't have fun making drinks with Sinfire Cinnamon Whisky behind the bar, call for a medic and check your vital signs. This spicy warm whisky is terrific served as a shot, or as an ingredient in a mixed drink. Whereas some cinnamon-infused whiskies are sweet and imbalanced, that's not the case with Sinfire. It's a well-conceived, well-executed spirit brimming with kinetic energy. A quick sip and swallow will confirm why it's such a popular, fast-growing brand.

Premium Sinfire is produced by Hood River Distillers, Oregon's first licensed distillery. Located near the town of Hood River in the Hood River Valley in the Columbia Gorge, the all-natural spirit is made with blended Canadian whisky, which is matured in oak before being infused with cinnamon flavor. Prior to bottling it is rendered to 35% alcohol by volume (70 proof) using glacier-fed spring water from Mt. Hood, Oregon's highest mountain peak.

The whisky has a golden hue, a satiny medium-weight body and a generous cinnamon nose with light vanilla and caramel notes. The entry quickly fills the mouth with warm and spicy flavors that reach a peak before turning hot. The finish is quite long and spicy.

This lively and high-spirited whisky is a fun treat for the senses, which makes it such a pleasure to work with behind the bar. Sinfire is often mixed with coffee, hot chocolate, apple cider, various flavors of schnapps, liqueurs and other whiskeys. It is one of those versatile products that seem to have no creative limitations when it comes to drink making.

On-premise Sinfire is often stored in a cooler so it can be served well chilled, especially as a shot. Thermochromic ink on the label of the bottle turns from white to blue when it has reached optimum serving temperature.

While Sinfire doesn't have much in the way of snob appeal, it does sizzle with excitement. It's certainly not a whisky for the faint at heart.