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SKYY Infusions Blood Orange

SKYY Infusions Blood


By Robert Plotkin

Blood orange sounds like a headliner in a horror flick. But in fact it's one of the hottest flavor sensations in the country. Blood orange is a smallish variety of orange with crimson, blood-colored flesh. Its striking, intriguing appearance hardly prepares you for just how delicious the fruit actually is. However, if it looks a little too alien for you to comfortably eat or use in a cocktail, worry not. SKYY Infusions Blood Orange is satiny smooth, thoroughly delectable and not remotely spooky.

Introduced in 2011, the vodka is crafted through a proprietary process that infuses all natural blood orange flavors into smooth, premium vodka. Through this process, the vodka is imbued with the lavish aroma and flavor of the exotic fruit. The all natural infusion is then bottled at 70-proof so there's no biting edge or alcohol burn. Its lower alcohol content allows the vodka to luxuriate on the palate for an extended amount of time.

You're in for a bona fide treat when you crack open a bottle of SKYY Infusions Blood Orange. The vodka has ideal clarity and a wafting, lively citrus bouquet with subtle spicy notes. It quickly bathes the palate with the warm flavor of blood oranges, a singular focus that's slightly tart and sweet. The flavor is only reminiscent of the taste of more pedestrian varieties of orange. Even blindfolded you can tell that the fruit isn't grown in these parts. And the vodka is that much better off for it.

There are no creative bounds on how to use this new succulent vodka. It's splendid in cocktails, tall drinks and mixed with an assortment of juices. The newest addition to the SKYY Infusions range joins all-stars Dragon Fruit, Passion Fruit, Citrus, Cherry, Grape, Raspberry, Ginger and Pineapple. Kudos!