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SKYY Infusions All Natural Coconut

SKYY Infusions
All Natural Coconut


By Robert Plotkin

Jetting off to the tropics for a well-deserved break may not be in your financial future, but a quick sniff and swallow of SKYY Infusions All Natural Coconut may be just the ticket to paradise you're looking for. The flavored vodka smells and tastes like a vacation in a bottle. There is nothing on your backbar remotely like it, which considering the growing popularity of everything coconut, makes it a valuable commodity.

Introduced in 2012, SKYY Infusions Coconut is crafted using natural ingredients and a proprietary process that infuses coconut into SKYY premium vodka. Through this process, the vodka becomes saturated with the sun-drenched aroma and flavor of coconut. The infusion is then filtered to impeccable clarity and bottled at 70 proof to ensure there's no biting edge or alcohol burn. Its lower alcohol content also allows the vodka to luxuriate on the palate for an agreeably long time.

Bar chefs and master mixologists are going to swoon over this cocktail-friendly spirit. The vodka has a lightweight, oily textured body and an enticing bouquet of lively citrus, peaches and fresh coconut water. Its wafting aromatics are evocative of bathing beauties tanning by the pool on a warm summer afternoon. The palate is a straightforward proposition of coconut with light citrus and vanilla notes. The lingering finish is silky smooth and flavorful.

As delicious as SKYY Infusions Coconut is sipped neat, the new flavored vodka is even more delectable when mixed with juices and complementary products. It's ideally suited for Tiki drinks and contemporary cocktails. Take for example the Skinny Colada, a dreamy blend of SKYY Infusions Coconut, SKYY Infusions Pineapple, pineapple juice, a squeeze of lemon and a splash of club soda. Then there's the Coconut Basil Gimlet, an elegant cocktail featuring SKYY Infusions Coconut, fresh lime juice, simple syrup and fresh basil. Then there's the Coconut Chill, a tall iced drink made with SKYY Infusions Coconut, SKYY Infusions Pineapple, agave nectar and a fill with coconut water.

The altogether satisfying SKYY Infusions Coconut joins the other flavor sensations in the portfolio—Blood Orange, Passion Fruit, Citrus, Cherry, Grape, Raspberry, Ginger, Dragon Fruit and Pineapple.