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SKYY Infusions Dragon Fruit

SKYY Infusions Dragon


By Robert Plotkin

Paradise is an irresistible notion, a perfect tonic for those of us who long to escape the day-to-day grind. Honestly, wouldn't you rather be soaking up the rays in Cozumel or lounging about on the beaches of Bermuda? While not everyone can pull a Gauguin and jaunt off to Tahiti, sipping on a drink made with SKYY Infusions Dragon Fruit may well be the next best thing.

As stated in the name, this succulent spirit is made with dragon fruit, an alien looking "superfruit" rich in antioxidants that grows in the tropical forests of Southeast Asia, Mexico, Central and South America. Introduced in 2011, the vodka is crafted through a proprietary process that infuses all natural dragon fruit flavors into smooth, premium vodka. Through this process, the vodka is imbued with the lavish aroma and flavor of the exotic fruit. The all natural infusion is then bottled at 70-proof so there's no biting edge or alcohol burn. Its lower alcohol content allows the vodka to luxuriate on the palate for an agreeably long time.

SKYY Infusions Dragon Fruit is a thoroughly delicious vodka. The crystal clear vodka has an oily, velvety textured body and a vanilla, pear and strawberry bouquet. Guaranteed you're not going to find fruit at the neighborhood market that smells as intriguing as this. Its gentle entry quickly fills the mouth with an exotic flavor that's a cross between Bartlett pears and fresh strawberries with light spicy notes on the finish.

As if that weren't enough, the newest Skyy Infusion enjoys unlimited applications behind the bar. It's ideally suited for Tiki drinks and contemporary cocktails. It also works beautifully in simple highballs made with lemonade, orange juice or a crisp tonic water. It joins existing flavor sensations Blood Orange, Passion Fruit, Citrus, Cherry, Grape, Raspberry, Ginger and Pineapple.