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SKYY Infusions Georgia Peach

SKYY Infusions Georgia


By Robert Plotkin

There's nothing quite like eating a fresh Georgia peach. For many of us it is a memory from our youth that we've preserved for posterity. And what a pleasant memory it is. Eating the succulent, outrageously juicy fruit was always something of an adventure. Rest assured that time has done nothing to diminish its ability to entice the imagination. The fruit's flavor is often imitated, but far too frequently peach-flavored products taste artificial and unappealing. Fortunately for devotees of fresh peaches comes SKYY Infusions Georgia Peach. It replicates the sensory experience perfectly. One sniff, sip and swallow and you'll be a fan forever.

Expect SKYY Infusions Georgia Peach to carve out a permanent niche on top shelves across the country. The vodka has a seamlessly smooth, crystal clear body and a captivating bouquet saturated with the come hither aroma of sliced peaches. Sampled neat, it softly rolls past the palate and fills the mouth with luscious, true-to-fruit flavor. The infusion's lower alcohol content allows the flavors to linger on the palate. Its naturally tangy, semisweet finish is skillfully balanced and thoroughly satisfying.

The secret behind this sensation top-shelf vodka can be found in how it's made. It is created using a proprietary process in which premium vodka is infused with all-natural peach flavors. At the end of the process, the vodka is imbued with the aroma and flavor of the fruit. The infusion is then bottled at 70-proof so there's no biting edge or alcohol burn. The relatively low proof allows the vodka's flavor to luxuriate on the palate for an agreeably long time.

SKYY Infusions Georgia Peach joins the brand's existing range of premium flavors, which includes Wild Strawberry, Moscato Grape, Coconut, Dragon Fruit, Blood Orange, Pineapple, Ginger, Cherry, Grape, Citrus, Raspberry and Passion Fruit.