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Skyy Vodka

SKYY Vodka


By Robert Plotkin

SKYY is the Charles Lindbergh of American vodkas, daring to cross what, at the time, was an empty expanse of super-premium vodkas in order to release what has become an iconic brand. Marketed in its readily identifiable cobalt blue bottle, the vodka was the first to base its claim to fame on essential purity. SKYY Vodka is a delightfully neutral spirit deserving of its top-shelf status.

Introduced in San Francisco in 1992, the brand was created by Maurice Kanbar who set out to distill a vodka devoid of impurities called congeners. The result of his pursuit was a column-distilled spirit made from American grain and essentially pure water, which is then subjected to rigorous filtration. The vodka is bottled at 80-proof.

SKYY does a superb job extolling the virtues of neutral vodkas. Its lightweight body is pristine and satiny textured. Its initial entry warms the mouth slightly before sliding away into a clean, crisp finish.

The distillery expanded the range with SKYY 90, an elegant wheat vodka made in a 5-column continuous still from wheat and spring water drawn from the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Bottled at 90-proof, its elevated alcohol content gives the vodka more tingle on the palate with nary a trace of harshness. Its finish is long and refreshing.

The famous line of vodkas now also includes SKYY Infusions, a recently introduced product line of all-natural spirits made from SKYY Vodka macerated with real fruit. These delectable, cocktail-friendly infusions are available in Grape, Raspberry, Citrus, Cherry and Passion Fruit flavors.