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SKYY Barcraft Margarita Lime

SKYY Barcraft Margarita


By Robert Plotkin

The Margarita has enjoyed far more than its allotted fifteen minutes of fame. In fact, after climbing into the limelight in the 1970s, the drink has continually ranked among the most frequently requested cocktails in America. Wouldn't it be grand if you could serve guests drinks that deliver the tangy-sweet taste of a Margarita like the kind they serve at your favorite bar or restaurant? Better yet, what if it only took a few moments to prepare them? Maybe you'd enjoy your own party for a change.

What you've been waiting for is new SKYY Barcraft Margarita Lime. This 60-proof, naturally flavored vodka delivers a quick and authentic drink experience. It eliminates the guesswork out of crafting flavorful and sophisticated cocktails.

Using this new product is a simple proposition. Take an iced glass, add one part of the new SKYY Barcraft vodka and 2 parts of club soda or lemon/lime soda. Done. There is absolutely no need for specialized bar equipment or the skills of a seasoned bartender. SKYY Barcraft affords cocktail enthusiasts the ability to enjoy mixology in their own home.

SKYY Barcraft Margarita Lime is a tangy, citrus-forward drink with a warm spicy finish. The vodka has a perfectly clear appearance, a satiny textured body and the aroma of freshly cut limes. It bathes the palate with tart citrus notes reminiscent of a Margarita.

SKYY Barcraft Margarita Lime is the do-it-yourselfers dream come true, this according to Brit Morin, of Brit Co, an online community that provides tools to teach, inspire and enable creativity. Morin is known for her inventive and simple DIY life. Her keen eye for design and simplified approach to easy entertaining dovetails perfectly with SKYY Barcraft's mission.

As is the case with the other SKYY Barcraft flavored vodkas—Watermelon Fresca and White Sangria—the cocktail-inspired SKYY Barcraft Margarita Lime delivers an authentic drink experience in about the time it takes to open the bottle. No mess, no fuss, no worries.