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SKYY Barcraft Watermelon Fresca

SKYY Barcraft Watermelon


By Robert Plotkin

Under the category of there's a time and place for everything, wouldn't it be great if you could entertain guests at your home and be able to offer them the kind of cocktails you get from your favorite bar or restaurant? Even better, what if the drinks only took a few moments to prepare, so you can serve your guests and still enjoy your own party? No mess, no fuss, no worries.

Such is the working premise behind an innovative new line of naturally flavored vodkas ably represented by SKYY Barcraft Watermelon Fresca. This 60-proof gem features the refreshing flavor of watermelon paired with premium neutral vodka. The spirited base is made with continuous distilled vodka and triple-filtered for purity.

Making great drinks with this product is a simple proposition. Take an iced glass, add one part of the new SKYY Barcraft mix and add 2 parts of club soda or lemon/lime soda. Done. There is absolutely no need for specialized bar equipment or the skills of a seasoned bartender. SKYY Barcraft gives cocktail enthusiasts the ability to enjoy mixology in their home.

If you want to inject the flavor of watermelon in a few drinks, this is the vodka for you. It has pristine clarity, a lush, full body and a subtle watermelon nose. It's the true-to-fruit flavor of watermelon that will capture the headlines. It's a summertime treat now available year-round.

"We have seen the cocktail culture evolve in the past few years with a big focus on craft cocktails," says Otis Florence, international mixologist for SKYY Vodka. "This has naturally led to consumers wanting craft cocktails at home, but without the multiple steps and hard-to-find ingredients. That's where SKYY steps in, providing a full-flavored cocktail experience using only two ingredients—SKYY Barcraft and club soda or lemon/lime soda. It's a testament to SKYY's commitment to quality and a pioneering approach to answering a consumer need."

It should be noted that this snazzy new flavored vodka enjoys many creative applications, including a lip-smacking variation of the Watermelon Martini.

SKYY Barcraft, the do-it-yourselfers way to entertain.