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SKYY Barcraft White Sangria

SKYY Barcraft White


By Robert Plotkin

Sangria is the ultimate summer libation. When you turn up the thermostat and crank up the thirst, few drinks are more satisfying than Sangria. It is essentially a punch, an extraordinary blend of wine, fresh fruit and an assortment of spirits and liqueurs. Often served in a pitcher, Sangria can also be made in single servings. There isn't one definitive version of the Sangria, but rather it's a happy mélange, one perfectly suited for individuality and an artisan's touch.

Welcome SKYY Barcraft White Sangria, the fastest and easiest way to make a killer Sangria in about the time it takes to open the bottle. It's one in a line of 60-proof, naturally flavored vodkas made with continuous distilled vodka and triple-filtered for purity. In this case the vodka is imbued with the melding flavor of fresh fruit and white wines.

Before using this product in the manner it was intended, take a moment and taste the fresh flavors of this succulent white Sangria vodka slightly chilled or over ice. You'll be glad you did. The new White Sangria has a shimmery, clear appearance, a lushly textured body and a generous fruity and vinous nose. It needs a few minutes to fully release its aromatics. The flavors combine to replicate those of white Sangria.

Using this new product at home is a simple proposition. Take an iced glass, add one part of the new SKYY Barcraft mix and add 2 parts of club soda or lemon/lime soda. Done. There is absolutely no need for specialized bar equipment or the skills of a seasoned bartender. SKYY Barcraft gives cocktail enthusiasts the ability to enjoy mixology in their home.

According to Umberto Luchini, VP of marketing at Campari America. SKYY Barcraft is the next step in flavored vodka. "Consumers want to bring craft cocktails and the elevated bar experience into their homes. But they are also seeking convenience and simplicity. We're answering this need for more interesting flavor profiles and filling a white space in the premium vodka category with SKYY Barcraft."

There are times when all you want is to offer guests the kind of drinks they make at your neighborhood bar or restaurant and not take a ton of time preparing them. Enjoy your own party for a change. SKYY Barcrafts afford cocktail enthusiasts the ability to enjoy mixology in their home.

You can't really get easier than open bottle and pour.