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Sobieski Vodka

Sobieski Vodka


By Robert Plotkin

As far as vodka enthusiasts are concerned, Poland is the undisputed cradle of civilization. The Poles have elevated the spirit to a lofty art form called Luxury Vodka. Permanently affixed in the upper echelons of the category is Sobieski Vodka, a skillfully crafted spirit imbued with the unmistakable trademark of Wódka Polska—character and lots of it.

Ultra-popular Sobieski is produced by the Polish firm of Groupe Belvedere S.A. at the famous Radziejowice Mansion, which first began distilling spirits in 1846. The vodka is made entirely from golden Dankowski rye grown in the fertile Mazowse plains. The highly acclaimed variety of rye is fermented with the soft waters from the Oligocene Springs and quadruple distilled in the Mansion's column stills. It is the only Polish vodka produced in strict adherence to the country's Product Origin Control System.

Sobieski is the bestselling premium vodka in Poland and currently ranked the 7th largest premium vodka brand in the world—all for good reason. True to its heritage, this magnificent vodka has pristine clarity, a hesitant, yet delightful herbaceous nose, and a lightweight body with a silky texture typical of heftier spirits. Its initial entry raises little heat while delivering a long lasting payload of dry, tart and spicy flavors. The finish is soft and grain-like sweet.

Sobieski is a noble spirit appropriately named for legendary King Jan Sobieski, the hero of the Battle of Vienna and so-called "Savior of Western Civilization." Regal lineage notwithstanding, this classy import is inexplicably priced under $15 per 750ml. Nazdaróvye!