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Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur

Solerno Blood Orange


By Robert Plotkin

With increasing regularity, bartenders and mixologists are realizing that it doesn't make sense to make gourmet Margaritas with top-shelf tequilas only to modify the cocktails with lowly triple sec. In response, new and well-established orange liqueurs have entered the marketplace looking to fill the void. The influx is good news even beyond its impact on the country's Margaritas. Orange plays a pivotal role in more classic and contemporary cocktail recipes than any other type.

One such newcomer is ultra-premium Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur. Imported from Sicily by Wm. Grant & Sons, the all natural liqueur is produced in small batches from Sanguinello oranges. Handpicked at the height of their season, the oranges are renown for their intense orange flavor and bittersweet taste. The liqueur is crafted in copper alembic stills using an infusion of macerated whole oranges and an extraction of the essential oils from the fruit's skin. During the final distillation, the zest and outer peels of Sicilian lemons are added for depth and balance. The liqueur is bottled at 80 proof.

Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur is a remarkably refreshing break from convention. It has a crystal clear appearance with a velvety, medium-weight body and a generous bouquet of luscious citrus notes. Its semisweet entry quickly fills the mouth with the spicy bittersweet flavor of blood oranges. The liqueur has a lingering tart and tangy finish.

Few liqueurs can compare to Solerno's complexity and brilliant array of aromatics. Its citrus-imbued palate is tailor-made to use in cocktails. If you're looking for a vivacious orange modifier to give your specialty drinks a singular creative twist, look no further than Solerno. Salute!