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Soltado Tequila

Soltado Tequila


By Robert Plotkin

Aficionados searching for a more character-laded tequila, look no further than flavored newcomer Soltado Añejo Tequila. Made at Destiladora Juanacatlán [NOM 1551], Soltado is an añejo tequila—barrel-aged for 28 months—that's infused with fresh, locally sourced Serrano peppers and natural, spicy warm cinnamon. Of the small handful of tequila infusions on the market, Soltado is the only one made on a base of high quality añejo tequila macerated with all natural ingredients. The premium blend is bottled at 40%alcohol (80 proof).

"The distillery I've partnered with is truly unique. It is a co-op owned by 80 agave farmers in the Juanacatlán region of Guadalajara," adds Soltado's founder, David Weissman. "Juanacatlán is singular because it is one of the few agave growing towns located in the Midlands region of Jalisco, a region not normally associated with tequila. The distillery only gets its agave from our farmers and we are the only distillery in all of Mexico that can guarantee our agave comes from the Midlands. Only the best goes into Soltado."

Guaranteed you won't soon forget your first sip of this delightfully innovative, surgically balanced spirit. However, be appraised that Soltado is muy caliente. The nearly combustible combination of barrel-aged tequila, Serrano peppers and cinnamon is evident in every aspect of this fiery gem. On the palate, the heat of the roasted Serranos is front and center, followed closely by a blast of spicy cinnamon. The flavor of the tequila is easy to recognize on the long, lingering finish.

Unless you have a fire-retardant throat, this tequila is not intended as a sipping tequila. Shots are another matter. There's perhaps no better rite of passage than downing a shot of Soltado.

That said, its consumer appeal is tied to the enormous popularity of the Margarita and tall drinks, such as the Bloody Maria or the Michelada. Soltado's incandescent qualities make it an ideal brand to showcase in contemporary mixology.